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Gods and Heroes announces launch date, preorder details


Heatwave International announced the launch date for Gods and Heroes today, so if you're interested in chopping up massive monsters and exploring ancient cities, you can do so on June 21, 2011. Not only that, but players who pre-order the game will have access to the it an entire week early, starting on June 14, 2011. That means that you can get in and reserve the name "Stabby McFeathertop" immediately -- lucky you! You'll also get a cool statue for your character's home and a Tunic of the Gods bonus power for pre-ordering at retail.

There are some pretty cool systems built into the game right away. You can own your own estate that acts as a headquarters for the army of minions who will fight at your side. That estate can be decorated with not only your pre-order statue but also with different buildings that effect those minions. That way, once you go into battle you and your minions will be fit and ready for the action-based combat.

Be ready to conquer ancient Rome come early summer!

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