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LG releases Optimus Black in Korea, it's a dark phone with a really bright screen

Zachary Lutz

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Okay, perhaps someone at LG didn't get the memo, but unless you're Samsung, this really wasn't the best time to launch a phone in South Korea. Even though it was easily overshadowed, today also marked the launch of LG's Optimus Black, and while its 1GHz processor won't top any benchmark charts, designers had something altogether different in mind for this one. Most notably, the handset features a bright, 4-inch NOVA display that promises energy-efficiency and all-day longevity. Further, the device supports WiFi Direct communication, which enables phones to trade files directly and without an intermediary. The Optimus Black still includes Android 2.2, just as LG said it would, though we're told Gingerbread is in the oven. Hit the source link for an extended peek -- it's in Korean, but there's so much audio-visual stimuli that you're unlikely to notice.

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