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Mario clone in App Store, place your bets for how long (Update: It's gone)


UPDATE: Yeah, as tipster Matt told us, this app has been pulled. That only took a few hours.

You gotta be kidding. I am dying to know who, exactly, at Apple is unfamiliar with Mario the plumber. An intern born in the 90s, maybe? At any rate, go grab this platformer featuring Monino, whose brother was captured by Bowler and is being kept in a castle. Sound familiar? It's like a mirror universe, I know.

Given how much the iPod touch and iPhone have been hurting Nintendo's DS sales, we're likely going to have to wait until the Japanese game company stops making hardware altogether to see a real Mario franchise appear on iOS. Until then (and until someone at Cupertino wakes up to an irritated email), you'll have this game. Honestly I'm not wasting the 99-cents on it, as the reviews clearly point out the controls are atrocious. You can't have a decent platformer if the controls aren't responsive, I don't care how gussied up to look like a Nintendo rip-off it may be.

Get it while it still exists, which will probably be a few more hours. They didn't even bother to change Mario's appearance!

Update: Electricpig posted a video as well, which you can see on the next page.

Thanks for the tip, David!

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