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NFL Mobile apps bring the draft to you live tonight on iPhone, iPad and Android


The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft kicks off around 8 p.m. at Radio City Music Hall but if you're not one of the players collecting racks on racks of cash (assuming there is a 2011 season of course) you can still get live updates via the NFL's apps for iOS and Android devices. The NFL GameCenter apps that have been kicking around for iPhone/iPod touch and Android phones have been updated for the 2011 season in Lite (free) and Premium ($1.99) forms, and should be able to ply on the go users with live updates and information on each pick. The couch companion intended iPad app (pictured above, no Honeycomb love this go-round) is making its NFL Draft debut and adds on to the smaller format versions by including live video streams both from within the auditorium and from the studio, video highlights and interactive features. Check out the screens for a better look at the UI or just click the source links below to download the free app of your choice -- you'll have to find the apps for tomorrow morning's Royal Wedding on your own.

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