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Smuggle Truck now Snuggle Truck on iOS after Apple rejection, PC/Mac version includes both


Content trumped context after Smuggle Truck was rejected by Apple for distribution on the company's iOS App Store, but Owlchemy Labs reworked some art to launch Snuggle Truck for iPhone and iPad.

"The changes made to the game consist only of minor art changes and some swapped sound effects. Gameplay remains exactly the same," Owlchemy's Alex Schwartz told Joystiq. "Essentially, instead of smuggling immigrants over the border, you're now bringing animals from the wilderness into the comfort of a zoo, where they are provided plenty of food, water, shelter, and state of the art health care."

Schwartz explained that Snuggle Truck was the developer's way of still bringing "the fun and silliness" of its original game to the iOS platform. Due to contractual reasons, he couldn't tell us the details of Apple's rejection.

Mac and PC players don't have to compromise, as they'll be able to switch between Smuggle Truck and its cuddlier counterpart with the press of a button (as shown in the video after the break). Snuggle Truck is available now on the App Store for iPhone ($2) and iPad ($3). Smuggle Truck (with Snuggle Truck) is $5 from

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