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Social Club features for LA Noire revealed


Rockstar has announced both the in-game and web-based online Social Club features that will be integrated into LA Noire. Within the game itself, logging into the Social Club will unlock the Chicago Lightning Suit, which can be worn by protagonist Cole Phelps once he becomes a detective. For some unfathomable reason, the suit improves Phelps' accuracy with shotguns and machine guns -- we guess they just don't make them like they used to.

Players will also be able to "Ask the Community" when Phelps is interviewing witnesses and suspects. When deciding whether or not someone is telling the truth, Phelps can use Ask the Community to see percentages of what other Social Club members chose in the same situation. The feature requires Intuition Points to use, which Rockstar notes are "in short supply." Again, we're not sure where Phelps acquired his magic, time-traveling, internet-connected notepad, but we suggest everyone just roll with it.

Several features are available via the Social Club website, including a 100 percent completion checklist, game statistics and Achievement and Trophy tracking. The site also includes a Case Tracker that allows players to access Phelps' notebook, which contains "virtually everything" that he has jotted down within the game, letting players stay "on the case and connected with [their] investigation" no matter where they are.

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