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Verizon Unleashed open for business, $50 unlimited prepaid plans are go

Brad Molen

The final frontier of wireless competition turns out to be...prepaid? It appears that way, now that Verizon has officially launched its Unleashed prepaid service plans to give smaller rivals Boost and MetroPCS a run for their money. Our screenshots of the pricing plans were spot-on; a new Unleashed site confirms rumors that the nation's largest carrier is offering all-you-can-eat talk, text and data for exactly $50 per month as well as the same daily options from the earlier leaks. The unlimited plan happily sweetens the deal even more by including international texts to Canada and Mexico. There's only one thing preventing this plan from attaining pure bliss: the unlimited data is geared toward WAP-based feature phones, so it won't provide the full browsing experience normally found on a smartphone. If this alone isn't enough to entice you, the handsets are affordably priced, ranging from $40 for the LG Accolade up to $100 for the LG Cosmos.

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