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Volition founder and president resigns


Mike Kulas, the founder and president of Red Faction developer Volition, is leaving the company. His last day will be next Monday, reports The News-Gazette.

Kulas, 49, said his departure, which he had been considering since last year, wasn't triggered by any particular event. With Red Faction: Armageddon apparently complete (and all set for June 7), and Saints Row: The Third in "the home stretch," now is just a good time to make his move. Kulas will be succeeded by Volition's long-time vice president of product development, Dan Cermak.

Kulas founded Volition in 1996, when he and then partner Matt Toschlog split their Parallax Software outfit in two. The pair had formed Parallax several years earlier, producing the successful Descent series.

Volition was acquired by THQ in 2000 and has grown from some 30 employees in the late 90s to over 200 today, while continuing to maintain operations in Champaign, Ill. Kulas said he plans to remain in Champaign and will take some time to relax this summer before deciding on his next professional endeavor.

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