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Apple Store thieves descend from roof in San Francisco

Save is reporting that thieves broke into the Chestnut Street Apple Store in San Francisco last night, apparently entering the store through the roof straight into the inventory area in back of the store, and making off with an undisclosed amount of Apple devices. Unfortunately, I can't find any other reports of the crime online, but since it's apparently a recent happening, we'll have to take the blog's word for it.

They also say that the building in San Francisco is surrounded by other buildings of the same height, so it wouldn't have been too hard for thieves to climb over and drop in on the Apple establishment. The police of course have access to a number of video cameras in the area, so hopefully they'll catch these thieves before long.

Unfortunately, Apple Stores, full of expensive merchandise, have seen their share of crime lately. Earlier this month in San Diego, an attempted smash-and-grab robbery turned into a shooting, and we've heard about lots of other robberies at Apple retail stores as well. Fortunately, security is about as good as any other retail establishment, but you'll always have thieves trying to test the limits.

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