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Cryptic just made flying more stylish in Star Trek and Champions Online


It's like a department store sale, but without all that walking around in meatspace. Cryptic Studios is offering its players extra costume slots for Champions Online in the C-Store. A Gold Member player can have three individual costume slots and one super group costume slot by level 40, but this C-Store item will allow that character to accrue six costumes by max level. These two additional costume slots will apply to every character on your account. Now you don't have to decide between the flats or the pumps -- you can get both! And to go with those pumps, Champions Online is now offering rainbow flight for your character. There is only one word to describe this addition to the C-Store: FABULOUS! Check out the teaser video for this after the break. (Bears not included.)

Cryptic hasn't left out explorers of the final frontier. All Star Trek Online ships, except the Oberth Class ship, are 50% off from the C-Store. That's right, the Dreadnought Cruiser just dropped from super-expensive to semi-affordable. And don't forget that Q is offering a boost that doubles your rewards this weekend. All skill points, bridge officer skill points, merits, honor, marks, and emblems are now doubled when this boost is applied. (Energy credits and emblems earned in PvP are exempt.)

Both of the STO promotions end on May 2nd at 1 p.m. EDT, but the Champions characters slots and rainbow flight are permanent additions to the C-Store. Don't forget the rainbow flight video after the break.

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