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HTC Trophy makes a cameo at Best Buy, teases with global support

Zachary Lutz

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HTC's long awaited, much delayed Windows Phone for Verizon is back in the speculative spotlight after making a brief appearance on Best Buy's website, with a screenshot serving as evidence (after the break). The device's retail price is listed as $599, but we're not reading much into this since it's likely just a placeholder. Meanwhile, an anonymous tipster has provided us with leaked Verizon documents suggesting this HTC Trophy may be a world phone. If so, the handset would join three Droids, two BlackBerries and two Windows Mobile (!) handsets as the carrier's globe-trotting options. While there's still no release date, Verizon clearly seems intent on bringing this elusive and prized phone to market -- all those booklets don't just grow on trees, ya know?

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