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Madden 12's roster of updates includes custom playbooks, new collision system


Even if you don't know who that guy is on the Madden 12 box, you've still probably got a pretty good idea of what's inside. No surprises here -- it's still a football video game. But, true to tradition, this year's iteration will include some new features.

On the field, Madden 12 players will be equipped with "the #1 most requested feature by fans in recent years" -- go on, guess! ... Wrong. It's custom playbooks, which can be modifications of existing playbooks or your own concoction of up to 400 offensive or defensive plays handpicked from the piles of X's and O's. Custom playbooks can also be integrated into the "improved" GameFlow system (last Madden's much ballyhooed feature).

Once you actually call a play (or GameFlow calls one for you), EA would have you take notice of the "all-new collision system" -- we're talking "over 100 new tackle animations, including 40 gang tackles" (ouch!) -- and the now more "advanced" defensive AI, a.k.a. "the smartest Madden defense ever." And be sure to give props to the "completely overhauled presentation," which includes "innovative 'real' on-field cameras shot by expert NFL Films cameramen." And, really, how else could you experience the "hundreds of visual improvements" (including really detailed blades of grass!), if not through the innovative "real" on-field cameras shot by expert NFL Films cameramen?

But the roster of updates doesn't end there -- we just have to. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as EA reveals more about the revamped Franchise and Superstar modes; the new "Dynamic Player Performance" feature (it's "just like the real NFL," only still pretty much a video game); what's in store for the "Madden NFL Ultimate Team" add-on this year; and the proper etiquette for joining one of the new "Online Communities." And by then, it should be football season! Fingers crossed.

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