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Perpetuum's Terra Incognita expansion coming May 4th

Jef Reahard

Avatar Creations has a bit of a surprise in store for fans looking forward to Perpetuum's next patch. The update will be a full-blown expansion titled Terra Incognita and will be free to download despite the fact that it's crammed full of content. Avatar has also announced the official release date as May 4th, 2011.

So what's in store for the sci-fi sandbox's first expansion? The game world is doubling in size, and six new islands are being made available (three Alpha and three Beta zones, PvE and PvP respectively). Since you can't have a huge game world without providing players a way to avoid traversing it, Avatar is also introducing a new highway system, which will speed travel by an additional 36 kilometers per hour.

Terra Incognita is also bringing a new event notification system to the table (and by events, Avatar means UI pop-ups, not in-game shindigs). Gameplay additions include AoE damage from exploding robots, new armor and weapon modules, internal corporation markets, and various mineral and mining tweaks. Head to the official Perpetuum dev blog to get the full scoop.

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