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Play Guild Wars 2 with the devs with ArenaNet's video contest

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Are you dying to get your hands on Guild Wars 2? You might get to play sooner than you'd anticipated, thanks to a new contest from ArenaNet.

The company has challenged its fans to make a one-minute promotional video that tells why they think people should play Guild Wars 2 at launch. Two people will win the grand prize: a trip to Seattle to visit the ArenaNet studio, hang out with the development team, and play some Guild Wars 2.

Runner-up prizes include two custom Guild Wars 2 computer towers, three Nvidia video cards, and 10 signed copies of the Guild Wars 2 art book.

So are you ready to share your excitement over Guild Wars 2 with the world? Head over to the contest page for all the details, and best of luck!

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