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Breakfast Topic: Are you ready for more raiding content?

Brian Cutaia

When the decision was made to split up patch 4.1, we were told by Blizzard that its raid content and remaining features would appear soon after in patch 4.2. Normally, we players automatically add a mental "™" to the end of that dreaded word, but Tuesday's release of Rise of the Zandalari has heralded a sudden influx of Firelands information, making it seem as though we may indeed be traipsing through the elemental plane of fire in a rather short amount of time.

The previews show a fairly decent amount of completion and polish on zones, models and even the daily questing area. Also of note, when Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton was asked about the multiple raid dungeons we were supposed to expect in each Cataclysm tier ... well, let's face it: He basically completely side-stepped the topic, indicating that 4.2 wouldn't be delayed for that (which is a whole 'nother topic, but I digress).

The question then is: Are you ready for Firelands? This doesn't necessarily equate to having downed Lady Sinestra, but rather, do you at least feel you've reached a comfortable level of completion in the current content? Personally, my raid group is 8/12, and we will likely down some more bosses in the next month. While I'd love to get our Dark Phoenix mounts before the patch, I think I would still be proud of what we've accomplished as a casual social guild if the new raid dropped tomorrow.

So what about you? Are you chomping at the bit for a new raid or at least ready to attempt some new bosses? Alternatively, do you wish you had even more time to work on tier 11 while it's still relevant?

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