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Massively Exclusive: Outspark previews new Priest class in Divine Souls video teaser

Jef Reahard

There's a new class on the way to Divine Souls, the action combat MMO from Outspark. Next week will see the introduction of the Priest, and this ain't your daddy's healbot. No sir, this Priest is all about offense, and Outspark has given Massively an exclusive look at the whirling dervish as he swings, slashes, and chops his way through hordes of bad guys courtesy of his deadly soul scythe.

Priests make use of lightning and poison elements in addition to melee attacks and traditional restorative powers. Divine Souls is also getting some avatar outfit updates, and you can get a few glimpses of the new digs, as well as the new class, in the Priest trailer after the cut.

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