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The Daily Grind: Do MMOs play upon your real-world fears?


There's a friend of mine who suffers from extreme acrophobia -- the fear of heights. It's so bad, in fact, that she experiences anxiety attacks if she gets too far from the ground or goes flying in an MMO. This phobia's kept her away from certain zones in games if these areas utilize a lot of high-up places.

I know of other people who experience a terribly common fear -- arachnophobia -- and struggle with the appearance of giant spiders in MMOs. You know, the critters that practically every online RPG is required to include by law. I've even heard of cases where Hunters in World of Warcraft chose spider pets to gain an edge in PvP, if they so happened to be fighting an opponent with that particular fear.

It's a strange question, but here it is nonetheless: Do MMOs play upon your real-world fears? Do you struggle with parts of your game, or know others who do, because the devs happened to recreate a personal phobia of yours?

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