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Top 3 iPhone apps: director Axel Braun


This is the latest installment in TUAW's Top 3 Apps; click the link to see other interviews.

I ran into Axel in Las Vegas back in January, as CES and the Adult Entertainment Expo overlap. Yes, Axel is an adult video auteur, but that's not all. The son of Lasse Braun, who helped legalize pornography in Europe, Axel has a Ph.D in psychology and is a member of MENSA.

He's also a big fan of Apple products and was very excited to show off his white iPhone (this video was recorded in January, remember). He installed the white mod himself, which means he's pretty handy with a screwdriver as well.

This video was recorded outside a very loud club (obviously), and the reason Axel forgets Shazam at the end? My iPhone crashed on the first, perfect take. We had to do multiple takes to get his 3 apps recorded, possibly a wider shot-to-screen ratio than some adult videographers are accustomed to.

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Axel's top 3 apps?

Words With Friends

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