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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is all about the breach

Obviously, the gaming webcomic community isn't really big into the "never kick a gigantic technology company while it's down" philosophy. Just about all of our regular contributors had a strip about the PSN security breach -- but only a select few made it into the list below. See, we're not big into rewarding mean-spiritedness; unless, of course, it is very, very funny.

Check out our seven favorite gaming-related webcomics from this past week in the list below! Make sure you vote for your favorite in the poll posted after the jump!

Cry Wolf (Awkward Zombie)
Gaming the System (Life in Aggro)
Negative Reinforcement (Digital Unrest)
It Only Doesn't (Penny Arcade)
Overgrowth (Brawl in the Family)
Fort Knox (VG Cats)
Co-Op Consternation (Of Noobs and Men)


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