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DC Universe Online moving to super servers

Eliot Lefebvre

Server merges are an odd thing for any game. On the one hand, they help produce more populated servers, give players more choices of companions, and generally can help keep the community more closely tied. On the other hand, they're rarely seen as a sign that the game is in good health, since it means fewer servers for players to select from. Whether you see it as a good sign or a bad one, DC Universe Online is presenting it as an unambiguously good feature, dubbing the upcoming merges as creating "super servers."

Starting with testing on the PC next week, the game will be migrating to four total servers -- two for each region (US and Europe) and two for each platform (PC and PS3) -- which means that all U.S. PC players will be on the same server. Unfortunately for many DC Universe Online players, this does mean that console and PC players will remain on separate server lists, which may prove detrimental in the long run. Players should keep their eyes open for more news regarding the merge in the coming weeks.

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