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Japanese hardware sales, April 18 - April 24: Compensation edition

Sony's recently announced "Welcome Back" incentive program seems to be drawing some mixed reactions out of the PSN users its attempting to pacify. For some, the promise of a free month of PlayStation Plus and an on-the-house piece of "content" is enough to smooth over the wrinkles this kerfuffle has caused. Others, however, require a bit more pot-sweetening in order to forgive and/or forget.

We've managed to come up with a surefire list of compensations Sony can afford to these jilted users to ease their frustration:
  • Cause the upcoming system update to make a box of adorable puppies come out of the user's television. Aww, who could be mad now?
  • Allow each PSN user to just run through the PlayStation Store, grabbing everything they want for free for exactly one minute, Supermarket Sweep style.
  • Just give each user like, $20. Like we've always said: A Jackson makes the problems go away.
  • Do the puppy box idea and the $20 idea. That's what we like to call synergy, folks.
  • Make the PSN freer? (We're still workshopping this one.)

- PSP: 49,162 [UP] 25,316 (106.16%)
- 3DS: 23,038 [DOWN] 5,214 (18.46%)
- PS3: 19,033 [DOWN] 3,232 (14.52%)
- Wii: 7,866 [DOWN] 256 (3.15%)
- DSi LL: 7,064 [DOWN] 660 (8.54%)
- DSi: 6,214 [DOWN] 595 (8.74%)
- Xbox 360: 1,891 [DOWN] 7 (0.37%)
- PS2: 1,163 [DOWN] 98 (7.77%)
- DS Lite: 283 [DOWN] 140 (33.10%)
- PSP Go: 265 [UP] 58 (28.02%)

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