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Breakfast Topic: Did you achieve your Noblegarden goals?


Noblegarden has come and gone this year, quickly followed up by Children's Week in Azeroth. It was only for one scant week that we dug around starting towns for eggs, ate ridiculous amounts of chocolate, and bred rabbits like, well, rabbits.

Personally, I'm not the biggest Noblegarden fan -- at least, I wasn't last year. This year, it seems the drop rate on a lot of the items directly from the eggs was increased, as I did not have to purchase anything with chocolates. This year, the holiday was much more bearable. On my then-alt-now-main warrior, created almost one year ago, Noblegarden was a success.

Did you participate in Noblegarden and achieve your noble goals? Was Noblegarden the last holiday that you needed for your coveted meta-achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been?

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