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Gameloft looking to open New Orleans studio


Likely looking to leverage generous tax credits offered by the state, mega-sized mobile developer/publisher Gameloft recently swamped a New Orleans job board with thirteen full-time positions.

Contacted for comment, the company informed Joystiq: "Gameloft is currently recruiting in New Orleans for a variety of game development positions. We'll have more information about our exciting endeavors in New Orleans soon." Staffing site notes that Gameloft is the primary game company hiring for positions in New Orleans currently, "but there will be many more companies to come in the near future."

Louisiana is definitely looking to get game developers and publishers down south. EA already has a presence at Louisiana State University handling North American QA, which it will expand with a new building that can accommodate over 600 employees. Coupled with Gameloft's plans and the increased chatter Joystiq's hearing from other developers, it would seem that Louisiana is making a strong case to entice the gaming industry from going straight to Canada (read: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, et al).

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