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iOS 4.3.3 to fix location tracking issue, due soon


A rumor out of BGR suggests iOS 4.3.3 will land in the upcoming weeks. As expected, the update will fix the location tracking issue that blew up last week. In this public debacle, Apple confirmed cell tower and Wi-Fi hotspot information was being stored on the iPhone and 3G iPad to improve location fix acquisition.

Apple promised to address these issues, and according to BGR, the changelog for 4.3.3 will include the following improvements:

  • iTunes will no longer backup the location database to your desktop
  • the location database will be smaller, reducing the amount of data stored on the handset
  • the handset will delete the database when the Location Service option is turned off

Besides the location information, the update will also improve battery life and fix some unidentified bugs with the iPod.

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