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White, black iPhones same thickness say Phil Schiller, Consumer Reports

Mel Martin

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A flurry of reports over the weekend claimed the White iPhone was just a bit thicker than the standard black model.

Not true, said Apple's Phil Schiller in a tweet. Now, Consumer Reports has put the issue to the test. Using high quality digital calipers, the magazine's technicians found that both models were exactly the same size. Also, they determined that the white iPhone would fit in all iPhone 4 cases. Could it be that a different batch of white iPhones made it out of production slightly thicker?

It's hard to understand how the earlier size figures could have been spurious, considering how many people observed the phenomenon. We first heard about the story from a post by Ryan Cash. TiPb then performed some measurements that supported Ryan's naked-eye evaluation. Engadget posted a picture, which certainly supported these claims. reported that the new phone was 0.2 millimeters larger, but did not perform any tests. Interestingly, TiPb tested several cases and noted that they all fit, albeit somewhat snugly.

There was speculation that the extra thickness was for UV protection. As of now, "thickness-gate" seems to have ended with a whimper rather than a bang.

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