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Breakfast Topic: Your very own NPC


I have a very small bucket list of things to do before I pass into the immortal realms of the afterlife, meeting the naaru, Elune, the Earthmother, my ancestors, or whatever fate awaits me. I might even wake back up in the sweet, glowy embrace of a val'kyr, where my many annoyances can finally manifest into a justified rage against the living.

One of the things on my little bucket list is to get an NPC made after me in World of Warcraft. I am still amazed and full of wonderment when I meet people who have NPCs created in their name and likeness. Our very own Mike Sacco already exists in game, as well as many members from the WoW community at large. I would hope that my NPC would be a powerful one, someone who mattered in game and gave out some very important quests or was part of awesome raid content -- or rather, is ever-present in some great battle, where players past and present get to tell the story of this awesome personality. Or barring being of any importance, I'd want to be on the front lines as a repair guy, someone to whom everyone has to hand over hard-earned money to repair their gear. Take that, community!

If Blizzard made an NPC after you in game, what would it be, what would he or she be named, and where would he or she be located?

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