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Funcom teases new Age of Conan group dungeons

Jef Reahard

The city of Paikang is getting a bit of an update in the next few weeks, and players of Funcom's Age of Conan should be pleased to note that the Imperial capital will soon be the home of two new level-80 instances.

The dungeons are designed for elite groups and take place in two outdoor zones that were recently profiled at The Ai District features an expansive playfield along with two "set-piece" boss encounters and "the odd secret to be revealed from careful investigation."

The Tian'an District is quite different in that it features six boss fights as well as a race against the clock to clear them all. Funcom has deliberately elevated the challenge level in this district, and Tian'an will reportedly require a skilled (and coordinated) group to claim its rewards. While Funcom hasn't revealed those rewards in detail, it has hinted that they will be on par with the existing Kara Korum dungeon drops.

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