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Halo Fest set to take place during PAX Prime 2011

Already snagged one of the (quickly diminishing) passes for PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle? Little did you know that you were secretly buying your admission into a second, equally exciting event. At this year's original, Seattle-flavored Penny Arcade Expo, 343 Industries will turn the third floor annex of the convention center into "Halo Fest," an event the studio describes as "the largest and most expansive live Halo experience ever."

The event, which will celebrate the franchise's tenth anniversary, will also feature tournaments, panels and giveaways for stoppers-by. Best of all, your entry is guaranteed with a PAX Prime ticket, meaning you have literally no reason to stop by. Unless, of course, you don't like Halo. Or if you're super scared of heights. Three floors is awfully high up, you know.

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