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Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still (video)


If you think schlepping a tripod along with your DSLR isn't worth it because you're convinced you can get a clean shot if you just concentrate hard enough, we have to ask... how's that working out for ya? To demonstrate the destructive power of shaky hands, Camera Technica attached a laser to the hotshoe of a Canon 7D, with the light reflecting off a wall 20 feet away. The lesson: it's challenging enough to get a crisp shot with a tripod -- let alone without. In the video below, the laser point wobbles erratically when the photographer gingerly presses the shutter with his finger. In the second clip he uses a remote release, which visibly cuts, but doesn't eliminate, the shake. Only when he locks up the mirror and resorts to a remote release does the shaking drop to a minimum. Need some more vivid evidence? We highly suggest heading past the break for a demo that might just make you reconsider that decision not to pack a Gorillapod.

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