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Notificant is a helpful reminder no matter where you are


Carmel Cloud has released the iOS version of Notificant, which ties schedule notifications made on your Mac with your iOS device. The Mac version of this program debuted shortly after the Mac App Store rolled out in January, but the lack of iOS integration caused many not to use it to its full potential.

Notificant also syncs with a web app, which allows you to access your notifications via any browser; that's handy for when you have to integrate a Windows computer into your daily workflow like I do.

Notificant is a fairly simple app. You get a 160-character limit to write a detailed schedule reminder, including URLs that can be shortened using a built-in shortner, and you can set a time for the reminder to trigger. What sets it apart from notifications through iCal and Google Calendar is that you can specifically target where the notification goes.

For example, I can write a notification using the web app at work and have it go to my iPhone at a specific time. Or, my husband can use my iMac at home to send a schedule reminder to my MacBook Air when I'm out without it going to my iPhone or email.

The one thing that I wished Notificant had was the ability to add extra email addresses. It would be handy for sending reminders to my husband or to my work email. Notificant also does not do repeating events, which can be a turn-off for some potential users.

Notificant for iPhone is US$2.99, and a universal version for the iPad will be available in the future. Notificant for Mac is $4.99 and is available on the Mac App Store.

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