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Paradox CEO outs Fatshark's next project, codenamed 'Project Postman'


Fatshark's next game is "primarily a PC title to begin with," Paradox CEO (and head of snappy haircuts) Fredrik Wester told me in a recent interview at Joystiq's NYC offices. "We're doing a new game with them at the moment, which is also multiplayer-focused," Wester added.

"Project Postman" is the working title for a game currently in development at Fatshark, with Paradox signed on as publisher. "We'll see about consoles," Wester skittishly noted. As you might imagine, his company is a bit wary of confirming console games that may or may not ever arrive, given past experiences.

Without going into details about the game itself, Wester did reveal that the title would be "announced later this year," though he specifically pointed out that it won't be a big E3 announcement. "I think we're actually waiting for summer, or maybe GamesCom in Germany where we have more stuff to show." He also said that the unnamed game would likely have a trailer by the time GamesCom happens in August.

As for why his studio names its projects after Kevin Costner films ... that's less logical. But in a good way. Head past the break for the hilarious roots of Paradox's strange tradition.

Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester:

"It started out as a joke when people were drunk in the office," Wester explained. "One of the guys was making a scene from Dances with Wolves. He was running around doing the 'tatanka' -- trying to speak the Native American language -- and doing smoke signals and whatnot. So we renamed the project from something to 'Project Tatanka,' and then we said that all projects will be named after Kevin Costner movies.

"After awhile we'll run out of projects, so we'll start naming it after something else -- for example, 'Project Syndicate' is one of the projects we're thinking of naming, just as a nudge to Starbreeze for example. And just making fun of other people in the industry. It's fun. And all their NDAs are never kept. It's fun. Maybe we already picked too many fights with EA over the cover of Magicka: Vietnam. [laughs]"

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