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Shifting Perspectives: Restoration Druid 101, part 2

Allison Robert

Basic rotation and gameplay

Healers don't really have a "rotation" as such but should instead choose the best and most efficient spells for a given situation.
  • If you are tank healing Your first priority is to keep a full stack of Lifebloom and Rejuvenation on your designated tank at all times. Refresh the Lifebloom stack as necessary with Nourish for maintenance healing and Healing Touch for more significant damage. Try to use Clearcasting procs (you should be getting a decent if somewhat unreliable stream of them, assuming 2/2 Malfurion's Gift) for this purpose, given HT's expense. Swiftmend for burst damage if it's up; if not, use Regrowth or (in a real emergency) Nature's Swiftness and Healing Touch. If the tank's health is stable, spread a few HoTs around the raid as necessary.
  • If you are raid healing Resto druids generally use Rejuvenation for raid healing, coupled with Wild Growth. If you have the global cooldowns and mana to spare, maintain Rejuvenation on the tank/s as much as possible. Keep in mind that Nourish can basically be used forever without running out of mana, so don't reach for a more expensive spell if damage is minor.
  • If you are 5-man healing Follow the directions for tank healing for your tank with Rejuvenation/Wild Growth/Nourish on the party to address damage as necessary.

Generally speaking, you want to gem for as much intellect as possible; no other stat will have as much impact on your healing.

The question over which glyphs to use is arguably less interesting now than it was in Wrath, but to be frank, that's fine by me. Carrying around an expensive stack of glyphs to swap in and out of fights was never fun.

Shifting Perspectives helps you gear your bear druid at 85, tempts you with weapons, trinkets and relics for bears, then shows you what to do with it all in Feral Druid Tanking 101. We'll also help you gear your resto druid.

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