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TripIt goes First Class with new universal app for iPad


For those of us who use the TripIt service and app to keep track of our upcoming travel plans, the lack of an iPad version of the app was somewhat annoying. You could always load the iPhone app onto your iPad and use the 2X button to expand the size, but it just didn't look or feel right. Third-party apps that accessed TripIt's API, like TravelTracker Pro, filled the gap, but they didn't have that TripIt 'made here' feel.

All of our requests for the iPad app were answered today, as the travel organizer has come out with a new universal version of the app. The app is available in two flavors -- a free, ad-supported version and a US$3.99 version without advertising.

The TripIt iPad edition is nicely designed to take advantage of the extra space afforded by the tablet's screen, and large maps that display your trip plans to accentuate the information in your itineraries.

If you already use TripIt and have been wanting a bit of additional "legroom" in the app, download the update right now. A few screenshots of the iPad version can be seen in the gallery below.

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