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Wii 2 rumors: Only 8GB of storage, 25GB discs, and 1080p isn't a definite

Citing unnamed (and un-numbered) anonymous sources (plural), Kotaku is reporting a handful of notable, albeit predictable, details about Nintendo's upcoming Wii successor, codenamed Project Café. For instance, in lieu of a capacious hard drive, Nintendo will buck industry trends and offer a humble 8GB of flash-based memory augmented by SD card support. If rumors are true and Project Café offers a graphical experience at least competitive with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we're not sure what the storage solution for DLC (Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare was over 1.5GB) or larger downloadable games (Comic Jumper is nearly 2GB) will be. With that constraint, digital distribution of retail titles would seemingly be off the table.

Speaking of retail games: Also rumored is the disc format for Project Café. It's said to hold 25GB of data which is roughly three times the size of a dual-layer DVD and over five times the size of the single-layer DVD that most Wii titles use. Also 25GB? A single-layer Blu-ray disc, though it's not clear if Project Café will use that standard or, even if it did, if it would enable movie playback. Despite using DVDs, the Wii famously doesn't support DVD video playback.

Speaking of Blu-ray video playback, the magic number usually tossed about by high-def home theater enthusiasts (and Sony marketing goons) is 1080, as in 1080p video resolution. That's one-thousand-and-eighty progressively scanned lines of resolution. Less popular: 1080i, which, yes, has one-thousand-and-eighty lines of resolution, but they're interlaced. If that doesn't sound familiar, that's because it's been somewhat absent since 1080p-compatible televisions and devices have filled the market. Kotaku reports it's heard "mixed things" as to whether Nintendo plans on offering 1080p (or, as Sony would put it circa 2006, "True HD") or 1080i.

As much as we want to believe every Project Café rumor we hear, we can't forget the delta between the console that Nintendo announced at E3 2006 and the one sitting on the shelf: DVD playback! USB hard drive support! Between now and Café's 2012 launch date, it's anyone's guess.

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