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Drakensang Online open beta coming in June

Jef Reahard

It wasn't too long ago that we announced the impending arrival of Drakensang Online, an MMO iteration on Radon Labs' quirky Drakensang single-player RPG. Today, Bigpoint has confirmed that the title is even closer to release than we thought and that the open beta will be kicking off next month (in five different languages, no less).

Bigpoint's Bernd Beyreuther is enthusiastic about the browser MMO's chances. "The closed beta's smooth progress has enabled us to take the next step in June and open the game up to everybody. The switch from classic PC game to browser game was a huge leap forward for us filled with many new possibilities," he explained.

Drakensang Online will initially offer two playable classes, the Dragonknight and the Spellweaver, as well as over 100 hours of content including quests, dungeons, and exploration around the Anderworld.

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