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Google rolls out Chrome Canary to Mac


Good news for Google Chrome enthusiasts: Chrome Canary is now available for Mac. Windows users have had the option to download the pre-developer, experimental builds of the Chrome browser, dubbed Canary, for some time now. But now Mac Chrome enthusiasts can also throw caution to the wind and grab a version of Chrome that almost keeps up with its open-source brother, Chromium.

But why not just use Chromium I hear you say? Because Chrome comes packing a few extras built in, like the internal Flash plug-in and other bits and pieces. You also get a nice bright, beautiful yellow icon in your dock. Just be warned that features will come and go as they're tested, and being experimental, it may not be as secure as some of the more refined builds of Chrome.

To get Chrome Canary for Mac, head to the download page or check out some of the other more stable releases on the Chromium Early Access Release Channels page.

[via Browser Scene]

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