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Patch 4.2 PTR: 3-D models of Firelands bosses, new pets, and more

Alex Ziebart

Most of the new models in patch 4.2 have been datamined, and you can see them all on Wowhead News. Even better, you can view them all with Wowhead's 3-D model viewer.

Among these models are all of the Firelands bosses, the vanity pets we mentioned earlier, and a full spread of new mounts -- new PvP mounts, firehawks, and all of that sort of thing. Do note, however, that the particle effects are not necessarily in place on these models in Wowhead's Flash viewer, so they won't all look quite right. The firehawks in particular are less than desirable without their fancy particle effects. If you switch to their Java viewer, it looks quite a bit better.

Oh, and that studly stag at the top of this post? The one and only Malorne. Whoa, whoa, back off, ladies. He's taken. That's Elune's beau, you know.

You can see snapshots of select models in our gallery below as well, all courtesy of Wowhead.

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