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Patch 4.2 PTR: New vanity pets

Alex Ziebart
As was mentioned in our patch 4.2 patch notes post earlier this week, this patch is light on patch notes but heavy on data. It's going to keep dataminers busy for quite some time, considering there are over 800 new items in this first build alone.

Among those 800 new items are a few new vanity pets, which should keep pet collectors on their toes:

I'm willing to bet that both the Hyjal Bear Cub and the Fire Lasher will be rewards from the new daily quests in the Regrowth and Molten Front. The same likely applies to the new Trampoline item that appeared in the patch 4.2 data.

Dragonwrath will be the guild reward for completing the new caster legendary, so the origin of that pet isn't a mystery at all.

The Feline Familiar's origin is currently an unknown, but I'm willing to take a guess and say that it will be a part of the revamped Hallow's End event. We started to see pieces of a new Hallow's End in patch 4.1, so it's not a surprise that we might see more of it in patch 4.2. Update: A broomstick for the Feline Familiar is also in the datafiles, so perhaps that's what will set this cat apart from the others?

Lastly, there's an icon for a baby version of the upcoming Winged Guardian microtransaction mount. It's unknown how you get it, though it very likely involves the Blizzard store one way or the other.

[Via Wowhead News]

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