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Plasq brings Comic Life to the iPad


Comic Life, the popular Mac application that takes your photos and lets you turn them into a comic book, is now available on the iPad. The iPad version launched late last week and includes several features of its desktop counterpart, including templates, balloon controls and social network integration. The iPad app is optimized for the touchscreen with a user interface that lets you edit and move items using your fingertips. You can also use photos from your photo library or capture them on the fly using the iPad 2 cameras.

Once you create a personalized comic book, you can share it via email or Facebook or wirelessly print a hard copy for archival purposes. If you use Comic Life in the classroom or other group settings, you will be able to drag and drop comics between iPads so that you can share your creation with your fellow classmates or friends. You can grab your copy of Comic Life for the iPad from the App Store for US$7.99.

[Via The Loop]

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