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Elsword Online launch day is here

Jef Reahard

What's better than launch day for Elsword Online? Well, free beer for everyone springs to mind, but since we can't afford the latter, you'll have to settle for the former. Kill3rCombo's action manga is the next best thing for fans of anime-themed MMOs, though. The free-to-play title sports a highly stylized look resulting in an original side-scroller that feels as much like a comic book as it does a video game.

Elsword boasts three customizable player characters and fighting styles that evolve based on job class upgrades and a variety of skills and combos. Gameplay includes solo content and cooperative missions, and there's a bit of PvP for the competitive crowd as well.

"By keeping with the original manga aesthetic and animation, we hope to give players easily accessible gameplay while also staying true to the game's Asian roots," says Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. Head to the game's official website to download the client and get started.

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