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Greece's Ocarina of Time pre-order bonuses are the best bonuses ever

Nintendo Greece has apparently decided that selling its customers a renovated, three-dimensional version of the best game ever made isn't a sweet enough treat. The official Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D page on has revealed that folks who pre-order the game through Nintendo will receive a plethora of bonuses, including a keychain, baseball cap, 3DS cover, an actual ocarina and -- get this -- a canister of Deku tree seeds. (We hear that if you plant them, actual sentient shrubs come out of the ground.)

No pre-order bonuses for the U.S. have been announced, but needless to say, the bar's been set pretty high. If we don't get a pouch of replica rupees, or at the very least, a remote-controlled Bombchu, we're going to be extremely disappointed.

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