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Media Molecule hosting its second annual LBP Game Jam (now with Move)

A year ago, Media Molecule brought in a handful of LittleBigPlanet's most skilled creators to see what they could create using LBP 2's theretofore unreleased toolset. Today, the developer is holding a second "Game Jam" event for 15 of the community's talented architects -- now that they actually know what they're doing with the tools, we can't imagine what kind of supercreations they can throw together. Like, self-aware artificial life using a series of binary logic switches really isn't out of the question here.

These lucky Jammers will also have the opportunity to get their hands on the upcoming PlayStation Move compatibility pack. So, we guess they'll be able to make their self-aware artificial intelligence jiggle and dance around using a sphere-tipped wand. Yeah, that's certain to not make it angry.

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