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No Comment: Inneract provides antidote to restrictive social norms


If you've ever felt the urge to chest-bump a stranger or dance the cha-cha on a city street, you're probably a fan of the antics of Improv Everywhere.

The NYC-based 'prank collective' executes missions large and small, defying the expectations of passersby with group freezes, flash musicals and the occasional Imperial arrest on a subway. Of course, for most of us the logistical and artistic challenge of creating a surreal and transgressive experience for ourselves and others is... well... just too much darn work.

Now, thanks to the efforts of artist Lauren McCarthy, there's Inneract. This free app lets you post your location and your desired interaction so that other users of the app can find you and do unto you as you would have them. Want to create a drum circle? Splash in a public fountain? Have a tickle battle? If you can imagine it, you can put it into Inneract and let the world fulfill your wildest need for novelty. See the video below for some relatively staid examples.

Sure, we could point out all the ways this concept could go very, very wrong. We could ponder the possibility that an evil companion might put your picture into the app along with a rather personal request, and then sit next to you to watch the fun. We could suggest some ideas for in-app purchases ($0.99 to enable Fight Club Mode, "I want someone to come over and kick my ass"), or muse on the irony of a location-based app that exposes your deepest fetish to everyone around you. Instead, though, we'll let this app stand as today's truly wacky No Comment.

Thanks to Wilson for the tip.

Video below.

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