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SWTOR reinvents the tank role in PvP


Tanks have often suffered in PvP. In many games, there's not much of a role for them. Frequently, they must dual-spec or at the very least have a completely separate set of armor to remain competitive. Supposedly, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, this will not be the case.

Last month, fans of TOR were invited to BioWare Austin for two days. During this time, players not only were able to play origin worlds (as we reported last week) but were also the first players outside of testing who were able to try out PvP.

Darth Hater spoke to Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo about Warzones and character roles in PvP. He had this to say about a couple PvP tanking abilities:
If I taunt a player, they are going to do less damage to everyone except for me. And that less damage that they end up delivering -- that difference is going to be tracked on the scoreboard for me. When I guard a player, fifty percent of the damage they receive is redirected to me. And of course, all my heavy armor and avoidance is going to come into play, helping them to survive as well as myself, and all the damage I take on their behalf will be tracked for my rewards at the end of the Warzone.
All the fans sites are busy posting about their experiences in SWTOR PvP. Next week, the Hyperspace Beacon will take a comprehensive look at the whole fansite experience at Austin. In the meantime, visit Ask A Jedi, Corellian Run Radio, Darth Hater, Fureur, Gamona, InGame, Mos Eisley Radio, SWTOR.EU, SWTOR-FR, SWTOR Life, SWTOR-UK, TOROCast, TOR-Talk, TORSyndicate, and TORWars for their impressions of SWTOR PvP.

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