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UK newspaper The Telegraph offers subscriptions through iPad


The UK newspaper The Telegraph has released version 2.0 of its iPad app. The updated app features a 30-day archive, night reading mode and greater depth of content, including video, picture galleries, graphics and cartoon archives. However, the big feature of the updated app is the pricing plans.

Users can now download the paper each day for £1.19 (US$1.99). Admittedly, that is rather pricey, but The Telegraph makes up for its daily rates by offering monthly subscriptions for £9.99 (U$16.99). That's 70% off the daily rate, and considering The Telegraph is published every day, that's quite a bit of information for your buck (or quid). For those keeping track, a monthly subscription to the paper edition is £26.40, so the iPad edition saves you quite a lot. Also, Telegraph readers who currently have a subscription to the paper edition can download the iPad edition for free by entering their subscriber number.

Readers should note that, as with traditional newspaper subscriptions, the monthly subscription to the iPad edition is auto-renewing, so users will need to cancel it or they will be automatically billed when the next month comes up.

The Telegraph for iPad is a free download.

[via Electronista]

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