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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Enduro


Enduro is an old Atari game that's now on the App Store, and it's available as a universal version for iPhone or iPad. Personally, I don't really remember this one (it's a racing game that's similar to Pole Position, though the big innovation was that you could race through different environments like fog or snow), but bigger Atari fans than myself might be excited to see that it's now playable on iOS.

The reason why Enduro is interesting, however, is that, as Touch Arcade reports, it's an unsanctioned port. Atari has already released several games for the iPhone, and those are all officially sponsored, presumably giving a little bit of money back to the original creators (or in most cases, whoever owns the rights to them). But for Enduro, developer Nemo has strangely been able to publish the app without the official rights to the software -- it's a completely unofficial port.

At any rate, the game's currently available on the App Store for US$0.99. If you want to play it, you better pick it up fast. Nemo could actually go get the rights to the game to publish it -- that's exactly what the folks behind the Commodore 64 app did, and that app is now official and approved. But there may be some rough waters ahead for this one if the original Enduro IP owners get word of Nemo's app.

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