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You'll be way into this custom Shy Guy figure


As if there weren't enough Shy Guy permutations in various Mario games haunting your dreams as it is, custom action figure crafter Jin Saotome has gone and created an even more terrifying one than normal. As seen above and more thoroughly on his personal site, Saotome's interpretation of Shy Guy is just a tad darker than Nintendo's version.

Naotome's site details the figure's composition, a careful combination of a PVC Shy Guy character mask, the body of DC Comics' Desaad and the hands of The Spirit, and a gatling gun composed of an Iron Man weapon and a Spawn weapon. The piece is currently up on eBay, fetching around $60 as of midday Friday EST, but it's also really sweet and one-of-a-kind, so you may wanna jump on that soon if Dark Shy Guy is for you.

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