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GOG updates site, gives away 1994's Dragonsphere

Save has delivered two much-awaited site updates to their online game store. First, the team has developed a special downloader app, now available for Windows, that will optionally take care of your various games downloads, running things like error checks easily and automatically. And there's also a new messaging system on the site, allowing users to chat and message each other about games and other topics. Both new features are optional, but GOG says they're meant to fill out the online experience.

And to celebrate the big update, GOG (a.k.a. Good Old Games) is also giving away a title for free, MicroProse's point-and-click graphical adventure Dragonsphere, from all the way back in 1994. The game hasn't aged all that well (you young whippersnappers probably won't remember a time when all we had were 256 colors and fewer pixels than an iPhone), but if you're in the mood for a trip to retroland, the price is right.

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