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Age of Empires Online to launch this fall


Eurogamer reports today that Microsoft Game Studios' Age of Empires Online is slated for a fall release. The freemium RTS game is currently in open beta and will be releasing in both digital download and retail box forms. While the game itself will be free-to-play, there will be a cash store that sells a variety of upgrades for players to purchase. These include vanity items that allow players to give their capital cities a unique bit of flair, new civilizations for the player to control (the game launches with only two: Greek and Egyptian), and upgrade packs such as the "pro premium civilization" upgrade pack, which will provide players with a level 20 civilization and is described as being "geared towards hardcore RTS gamers." The exact release date and pricing will be announced at the end of the month.

If you're interested in giving the game a spin prior to its official release or just want to find out more about the upcoming title, you can head over to the Age of Empires Online official site, have a look around, and sign up for the beta.

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