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Crysis Steam sale activation key issue resolved


On Friday, the first Crysis game and its expansion were discounted on Steam as part of an "EA Week" of sales. That night, on the Steam Users' Forums, purchasers began reporting that they could not activate the games. By the next morning, some 221 replies later, a Valve representative chimed in to say, "We are aware of the problem and are investigating the issue."

While it might have been a long weekend for those left waiting for their activation keys to start working, this morning, Valve software developer Mike Blaszczak started a new thread with some reassuring news. "We've been working with EA to get the Crysis keys enabled over the weekend," he posted. "As EA enables keys, users should see the games activate."

Blaszczak implied that the issue stemmed from EA's side, adding, "EA is aware of the issue and actively working through it, and we're doing what we can to assist."

In a follow-up response he confirmed, "Yes, we know the cause," but avoided an explanation. As of publishing, a few users had replied to say their games were now working, though Blaszczak warned, "No ETA is available for individual users."

[Thanks, Martin]

[Update: Corrected headline typo. (Freudian slip!)]

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